So now you’ve just bought yourself a shining & pricey, brand new Watch you’ve eyed for quite some time now! After months of saving & scouring you finally have your desired beauty in hands& it’s all yours! Its sparkling finish, effervescent texture & luxurious sheen are an absolute visual pleasure!

Indeed this brand new watch of yours is a prized possession but have you ever wondered how long its sparkling exteriors & stunning looks will last for?Or for how long will your dazzling timepiece in essence dazzle? The perfect answer to this Question would be ‘It’s all on you’!

The life & durability of your watch is up to a great extent determined by your usage & maintenance. Watches, just like any other accessories or gadgets, require be taking care of & maintaining from time to time. They need be used with utmost care in order to ensure their flawless working & beauteous lasting legacy.

Speaking essentially, Watches necessitate a service every 3-5 years, for their lasting sustainment & immaculate functioning. We are sure you must be wondering what is this whole cleaning & maintaining Fuss all about? Well fret not, asInfiniteShopping will give you all the insight you need on maintaining your watches the right & the wise way! Our Watch Out! Watch Maintenance Guide will counter all your queries regarding the cleanliness & care of your watches! Read on & get smarter by maintaining that favorite watch of yours for eternity!

Let’s begin with the Adversaries that can hamper your Watch’s working!


Now you maybe a water baby, but your watch won’t necessarily understand that emotion! Although most watches today are endowed with Water resistant feature, yet it’s always a wiser idea to know exactly how competent is its water resistant capacity. In spite of possessing an excellent water resistance competence, your timepiece is still imperil to high temperatures & pressures involved in Saunas, Jacuzzis & hot tubs. To avert colossal damage in the future, it’s advisable to replace the waterproof loop or crown at least once in a couple of years.


Dust, even though miniscule, could certainly hamper the performance of your watch. In case your case, crystal or crown is uneven, your watch is highly prone to dust accumulation that can cause trouble in your watch’s working. A loose or chipped crystal should be immediately replaced in order to prevent the ingression of dust particles. It’s advisable to store your watch in a box or soft dry cloth bag or cloth in case you aren’t wearing them for a prolonged period, to avoid accumulation of dust & dirt.

Magnetic Field:

Maximum high-end watches are not susceptible to hindrances caused by Magnetic field exposure. However, the same sustainment cannot be applied for Analog Watches. Analog watches tend to develop adversities in proximity of Magnetic fields. These watched may often render the functionality to cease or affect the watch’s time keeping capacity.


Watches are sensitive to sudden & undue shocks. To protect them from the same, one should be prudent to not drop their watches on hard surfaces or expose the same to sudden shocks or vibrations. In spite of the fact that many watches today are endowed with the Shock Proof feature, it’s best not to test its competence on purpose. Most mechanical watches these days possess certain shock absorbent materials & parts. Even though these shock absorbent parts make mechanical watches quite resilience to shocks, they do tend have a certain limit of competence. Exposure to frequent & sudden shocks & vibrations not only affect the time keeping capability but also cause major damaged to the overall working of the watch.

Now that we have countered the possible strikers, we move to the care& maintenance of vital parts & devices in Watches.


Leaking or overused batteries could ruin the watch’s functionality. Invalid batteries should be immediately replaced by fresh & new ones. Used batteries often tend to leak & cause gaseous distention which could cease the watch’s working. Battery life can generally be damaged or diminished due their exposure to high temperatures. Using good authentic batteries for replacement is wise idea to maintain your watch’s working. It’s sensible to take the watch to the authentic dealer or manufacturer in case of battery related issues.

Time & Date Adjustment:

Watches have a screw or a crown that enables the adjusting of time & date. These crowns are positioned in three ways:

- In

- Pulled out & one click for Date Setting

- Pulled out & two click for Time Settings

While setting the Time & Date, you need to remember two vital instructions.

  1. Wind the hands of the watch slowly & gently. Harsh or hasty winding could cause premature damages to the components that attribute watch’s time & date function. Also ensure that when you do wind the hands, wind it clockwise. The time should not be set backwards, 3 hours prior or post-midnight unless the watch exclusively permits the same.
  2. Avoid using the Rapid date advance feature or quickest advance AKA feature between 8:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., as it this time, watches carry out their regular change of dates internally & using the features mentioned could interfere with this integral process. Ignorance of this advice could even render severe hindrances in the watch’s date & time keeping mechanism.

Strap Care:

The strap of your watch which enables the fastening on your wrist also requires care & maintenance. Be it plastic, metal, resin, gold , platinum, titanium or silver; the watch strap needs to be checked for damages & durability, as a flaw in the strap could cause the watch to slip of your wrist, thereby causing severe damages to watch’s working. Your strap can blemish or fade due to excessive sweating, thus its best to undo your watch when not in need. Ensure that you wipe of the sweat with a soft dry cloth. Avoid strapping your watch too tightly.

Automatic Watches:

Automatic watches, even though titled as ‘automatic’, should not be implied for self-maintaining! Automatic Watches require as much care & maintenance as any other timepieces do. Wind your automatic watches at least once every one or two weeks. This will ensure the smooth movement of the wheels & presence of oil fluid for effective functionality of the same. Even if you rarely use your Automatic watches, it’s still advisable wind them at least once every two weeks to ensure they are updated with the time & date keeping function.

Mechanical Watches:

A great way to maintain your mechanical watch is by winding it every day at a fixed & specific time. This will not only do wonders to the mechanism but also maintain your watch’s durability.
Another important point not to be missed is that mechanical watches are highly sensitive to sudden shocks. Exposure to sudden shocks can cause severe adversaries to your watch thus it’s a wise idea to use them prudently. Avoid wearing your mechanical watch when indulging in rigorous sports & adventure activities.

Watch Out! Miscellaneous Maintenance Tips!

  • Your watch, just like any other engineering empowerment, is a gadget and requires maintenance. Be it a Kinetic or Quartz, your watch needs to be serviced at least once in two years to ensure their smooth functionality.
  • Make sure you ask the servicing dealer, to clean & check the even the smallest to smallest part & component of your watch as many a times a small flaw can render your watch susceptible to severe damages.
  • Rust is the ultimate foe of your watch. Ensure your watch is moist free. Rinse your watch (if water resistant) with fresh water after a prolonged use or exposure to saltwater.
  • Avoid wearing your watch unreasonably in excessive heat or pressure, in spite of their immaculate water resistance capacity or special customized designing.
  • Make sure you undo your watch when heading for activities like Steams, Saunas, swims or baths.
  • In case your crystal is fogged up or has essence of moisture, it’s vital to get your watches serviced immediately.
  • Diver’s Watches, in spite of possessing excellent water resistant capacity, still need to be serviced from time to time to warrant their functioning.
  • Do not wear your watches while using perfumes or any other personal care product that has chemicals or alcohol as an ingredient.
  • Avoid extended exposure of your watch to sunlight & heat as this may result in discoloring or fading of your watch’s sheen.

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