offers free sizing (Removal of links) on all watches that can be sized outside the factory.

You can measure the correct size of the watch by measuring your wrist using a tape measure to measure the circumference of your wrist. Make sure the tape is snuggly fitted around your wrist. After measuring your wrist , add 1/4 inch for comfort.

You can also measure a correctly sized  watch that you are currently owning. Use a tape measure and place it inside of the watch with the bracelet of the watch closed. Expand the tape measure on the inside of the watch until it is snug. Starting at the beginning of the tape, write down the length of the tape where it first crosses itself. You have now measured the most comfortable size and therefore must not add the 1/4th inch like you did above.

The links that have been removed will be sent to you with the watch.

Most Men's watches are approx. 7.5 to 8 inches and ladies watch bracelets come standard at 6.75 to 7 inches and dive watches are an exception to this rule as they are designed to use while wearing a wet suit. If you require a lager size than a standard size, there could be a delay in the shipment of approx 3 weeks or more sometimes. Make sure you do not order a larger than the regular size if you require the watch on a specific early date.

Additional Links

If sizing requires additional links, it may approximately cost you $8 per quarter inch and will have to be ordered from the company. In some cases the links may cost more. We will inform you in such a situation.

You can resize the watch with a local jeweler or someone other than, you can no longer return the watch to or exchange it within the 15 day time frame, but you will surely be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

We do our best to resize the watch according to the specifications given by you. In some cases there may be limitations.
Sizing to ¼ inch may not be possible as the link itself may measure more than ¼ inch. We provide sizing (labor cost) as a free service. There may be a minor difference in the sizing possibly due to limitation of the size of the link or due to a minor misunderstanding knowing ones size. We will send all the extra links if we have resized it and in the event of the size not being perfect , you have the choice of having your watch resized locally. InfiniteShopping will not be responsible for any charges incurred by you for resizing the watch locally.

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