Watches are an integral part of our lifestyles. It’s an accessory that almost everyone has & flaunts. However, a watch is a lot more than just a mere fashion statement. It’s an aider that helps us to keep track of time, ensures we get to our meetings on time &essentially help us understand the value of Time.

Watches today are a great fashion accessory, an ingenious gadget, a perfect gift & even a timeless collectible! However, when it comes to buying anew timepiece for yourself or even for someone else;finding that perfect watch can be quite baffling. Fret not, as it’spretty predictable & common considering the innumerable styles, designs, functionality & features offered by myriad of brands today! To add to the confusion are the competitive price ranges making the whole Watch buying process even more perplexing! So if you are lost & don’t know how to go about your watch buying process, then don’t just give up as is here to help! We will help you buy that perfect watch you are looking for yourself or even someone else with our detailed guide on the same, right here & right now!

To make it really convenient for you we have divided our watch buying guide into Watch guide for Him & Watch Guide for Her. So read on & indulge on useful tips for your next Watch purchase!

Watch Guide for Him:

Women have innumerable choices but men generally are at a dearth of options when it comes to fashion accessories. Watches usually being the only statement-making accessory most men are comfortable adorning, often personify their character, attitude & style. It can even be said that a watch often reflects a man’s personality. They signify his status & style quo & thus tend to be a little pricier than a woman’s accessory.

However, with the growing ‘metrosexual’ trend, men these days are strongly concerned about their about their appearance & lifestyles, thus, investing good time, research & money in their every purchase. Even when it comes to watches, men wish to flaunt a timepiece that signifies fashion yet is masculine & bold in style.

Most men are stuck to the delusion that only brands like Rolex & Omega can make them look majestic & all that! We don’t deny their immaculate designer essence & appeal, but buying a Watch that expensive might not be feasible for everyone. However, there are innumerable brand options providing an effervescent style & comfortable price ranges that will be equally appealing & charming in style & appearances. So without further delaying saga, let’s take a look at these few handy tips enlisted below that you must keep in mind while buying a watch for yourself or a gift for a man!

Budget It! Before making a purchase or even thinking about buying a new watch, you need to fix a budget. It need not be exact or precise; an approximate amount that you are willing to spend should suffice this tip. Watch’s being a personification of a man’s personality; it’s advisable that men save up a decent amount if not very exorbitant. If you want to know what a decent budget would sum up to then the answer is anything between 170-250 US dollars Approx.

Features in! Now most brands these days try to surpass each other in terms of pricing, technology, style & features!Nonetheless, we have all have different needs when buying a watch. So the ideal thing to do would be enlisting the features you wish your watch to possess. Classify & prioritize them on the basis of their purpose & how would they serve you in the same. There might be a possibility that you don’t find a timepiece with all you want so a list along with prioritizing will ease the buying process.

Pick your brand! Once you are done fixing a budget and enlisting your features wish list, it’s time you make a choice of your brand. Make a list of all the prospective brand that befits your style, features requirements & price range compatibility. A little research will provide immense results & help you choose the perfect watch you have always wanted.

Works for you! As stated earlier, your watch & its style will embody your personality &hence, it’s highly essential that you choose a watch that works well for your personality. Your watch is an expensive asset & also a quintessence of your individuality. Thus, it’s best to ensure that your watch epitomizes “you” primarily & then style & class.

Authentic is in! Make sure you buy a watch which is from a decently renowned brand. Buy your watch from an authentic dealer in order to assure warranty & post-purchase services if required.

Check it right! Before you finally make the purchase, check your watch for hindrances if any. Ascertain it bears a water resistant mark on its back & its other parts & marks are intact. Also ensure they are in a sealed box & have not been used before.

Watch Guide for Her:

Every woman loves her Prada Bags, Fendi shoes & Guess accessories! And one of her favorite accessories is watches! They are an indispensible part of the cosmopolitan woman who likes to keep a track of time in style! With work, home & girlfriends, a handy time teller will be her perfect accompaniment to ensure she’s always on time.

Gone are the days when women invested in buying watches that were simply pretty & stylish. Women these days, very much like men; prefer investing in a timepiece that is equally intellectual & functional. They too prefer to buy a watch that is durable & possesses user friendly features. Indeed end-of-the-season sales & celebrity promoted brands & styles are their weakness, but women are still a better judge of what would suit them& reflect them well in essence; as compared to men.

Style can be easily taken care of but while buying a watch, numerous other factors need to be incorporated & looked upon. And Infiniteshoppingis going to help you with just that! Our guide includes tips that women should keep in mind to avoid indulging in impulsive purchases!

Watch for an occasion! Women tend be impulsive when it comes to shopping &at times this may result in purchasing a watch which might not even serve their purpose. Thus while buying a timepiece, you need to remember the kind of style your watch should possess & for what occasion will it be apt. Be sure about the style of the watch & occasion it befits before finally making a purchase.

Budget it! None of us like to compromise with style. A particular design or a timepiece may lure you to the extent that you might end up spending more than required. Thus, in order to avert a situation like this, women should ascertain an approximate budget that they would wish to spend on their watch purchase. Make sure you incorporate factors like style, brands, etc. while fixing your budget.

Feature that! In spite of most women being technically conscious these days, we are often blinded by beauty & style over the features. Thus, you need to ensure that watch is endowed with a few necessary features like Water resistance, LED light display in case of digital watches, Automatic date keeping, kinetic or automatic etc.

Cherry-pick your brand! Scour & research about brands that creates timepieces in styles pertaining to your taste, budget & purpose! Choose a watch from that brand which adds a sense of aura & a whole lot of panache to your existing style quo!

Make an authentic purchase! Avoid making a hasty purchase! Ensure you buy your watch from an Authentic Dealer which will also serve your purpose of warranty and after sale services.

Check it right! Ensure your watch is brand new, in an original box and free from any damages or blemishes. Check its paper & warranty cards. Safeguard your invoice in case of issues if any in the future!

So here’s hoping that another insightful tip session from our Watch Out! Section has helped you ease your dilemma & confusion regarding watches & their purchase! Splurge on some time fashion in a wise way! Happy Shopping with!

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